Prohormone Reviews
Prohormone Reviews

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Halo Elite

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Dosage: l-2 capsules daily (50-100 mgs) Average weight gain: l0-15 lbs Anabolic strength: 8/10 Halo Elite by Blackstone Labs…yet another H-Drol clone. Since H-drol has years of reviews and...

Anabeta Elite


Dosage: 2 capsules (1 am/1 pm) Average weight gain: 8-12lbs Anabolic strength: 7/10 Anabeta Elite by Performance Enhancing Supplements is an upgrade from their previous product Anabeta. It is a...


Mutant Plexx

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MutantPlexx is an extremely hard core stack of four very powerful compounds: Halodrol (15mg) Maximum LMG (15mg) Epistane (6mg) Methylstenbolone (3mg) In other words, Mutant Plexx is strong. Almost...



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Dosage: 1 cap a.m/1 cap p.m Average weight gain: 8-10lbs Anabolic strength: 6.5/10 Our Helladrol review is one that hits close to home. I’ve had multiple friends use Helladrol and have...

Super DMZ 2.0

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This is the second time I’ve cycled any prohormone so I thought I’d share my review of Super DMZ 2.0 since I have personal experience with it. With Super DMZ 2.0, you will immediately...


Post Cycle Therapy

If you are considering a cycle of anabolic steroids or prohormones of any kind, then it is...


Prohormones 101

If you’ve been in bodybuilding long enough, there’s a very high chance you already heard...



Epistane, otherwise known as "Epi", is considered by some to be the king of prohormones...