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Price: $94.95

Androgeddon is one of the most powerful mass prohormone stacks ever created. It produces huge quality mass and strength gains in record time. Get ready, for it is the end: the end of being puny.

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Dosage: 1 capsule
Average weight gain: 15-20lbs
Anabolic strength: 9.5/10

What’s in it:

Androgeddon by AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Research) is another quadruple stack that contains 340mg and includes:

  • 15 mgs Dymethazine
  • 30 mgs M1,4ADD
  • 25 mg Deca
  • 15 mgs Trenavar
  • 25 mgs Methylclostebol

Androgeddon also comes with a patented Bio-sorb absorption & time release effect  (called carbopol) that is supposed to control estrogen & prolactin and eliminate estrogen related side effects.

Benefits & Results of Androgeddon

You will notice extremely mass gains, size gains, and spikes in strength like you won’t believe. People also report holding a lot of water and bloating up while taking Androgeddon.

With a stack this strong, you will pretty much be a super human and be doing everything stronger and better than before. It is of course highly recommended to take a liver protectant like TUDCA because of the sheer potency of this product.

Androgeddon Supplement Facts

Androgeddon Side Effects

Again since this is a very strong prohormone it’s not recommended for beginners. That also means that there will be more side effects than a prohormone more mild than that.

About 2/3s of people say they saw no side effects at all, but no two people will ever react the same. The one’s that did notice side effects side you can expect occasional migraines, increases in blood pressure, and possibly gyno (if you’re prone to it).

Androgeddon does contain Carbopol, which is an estrogen/prolactin controlling compound, but that will only lessen the chance of estrogen related effects and not totally eliminate them.

Our Review

Androgeddon is a powerful quad stack and after seeing what was in it for the first time I knew this was something not meant for “kids.” Certainly not meant for a first cycle. It’s $90+, but well worth the money.

If you are prone to gyno, I’d stay away. And if you do take Androgeddon, I highly suggest you have a well planned cycle, with full cycle support and post cycle therapy afterwards.

There’s no doubt this stuff works.

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Androgeddon Review

Here is a review I found on Androgeddon. Basically he sums everything up by saying, “Why would you buy something else if it’s just going to be weaker?”

Androgeddon Review

Androgeddon Logs/cycles

“My friend and I are the strongest in our school and take the same stacks. Androgeddon was the best ph stack so far. Within a week your muscles will feel fuller and harder. As the weeks continued I didn’t feel any negative side effects…”

Where to buy Androgeddon

You can buy Androgeddon at a discount AT THIS SITE, but get it while you still can! (they’re one of the last retailers to still carry it)

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