Super DMZ 2.0

Super DMZ 2.0

Super-DMZ 2.0 is a powerful prohormone that contains 10mg of Methylsten and 10mg of Dimethazine per capsule.

It is the new Super DMZ that everybody loved before the FDA banned Superdrol as an anabolic steroid in 2012.

Ironmaglabs did their research and looked all over for something that is just as good…and discovered Methylstenbolone.

Methystenbolone is slightly more powerful than superdrol, and has been shown to rapidly increase muscle mass, muscle hardness, strength, and provide insane pumps.

It works incredibly fast and most people feel results in a few days.

People already are loving Super DMZ 2.0 and growing like crazy (check out these Super DMZ 2.0 reviews)

Super DMZ 2.0 is expected to be FAR MORE POPULAR and even MORE POWERFUL than the original. Check out Super DMZ 3.0.

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Super DMZ 2.0 Explained

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