Super Trenabol

What is Trenabol/Super Trenabol?

Super Trenabol

If you didn’t already know, TRENABOL is the precursor to the androgenic steroid trenbolone.

Trenbolone is not only 10x more androgenic than testosterone but also doesn’t aromatize to estrogen.

You will be 100% worry free when it comes to side effects.


Tren will also:

  • Trigger HUGE muscle gains.
  • Give you virtually unlimited strength.
  • And simultaneously cause you to become even leaner.

This is why tren is so popular among prohormone users. And don’t forget, Super Trenabol is a non-methylated prohormone so you can safely stack it with other prohormones.

Trenabol vs Super Trenabol

After the first release of the original Trenabol, we soon discovered that you can take an even higher dosage of Trenabol without the side effects.

Super Trenabol is 5 mg more of the compound in each capsule as well as an additional 30 servings. It’s basically just a stronger, super version of Trenabol.

Trenabol vs Super Trenabol

Super Trenabol $15 more, but well worth it: per milligram, it’s more affordable.

Where to Buy Trenabol Online

logoThere are many places to buy Trenabol online. The place I recommend is  You can buy both the original TRENABOL as well as Super TRENABOL there.

Click here to buy TRENABOL for $49.99

Click here to buy Super TRENABOL for $62.99

SUPER TRENABOL Explained By PJ Braun

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