Swoll-250 by Wyked Labs

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Swoll-250 is a potent combination of four extremely powerful muscle building compounds.

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Swoll-250 is an anabolic prohormone stack of 4 extremely potent compounds: Methylstenbolone, Max LMG, Hexadrone & Deca. It also includes an anti estrogen to help keep side effects to a minimum.

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Swoll-250 reviews/logs

Reading some of the reviews of Swoll-250, I learned that many people are calling it the strongest prohormone they’ve ever tried, including one guy who says his squat increased 90 lbs in 3 days.

The side effects seem rough, so if the results are truly that phenomenal, than it’s just the sacrifice you have to pay…

Read the full review here: Second Cycle Swoll-250

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